KPJUC adopts the educational objective whereby three to five years upon successful completion of the programme, our graduates will be:

PEO 1 Radiographers who synthesize, apply and organize the knowledge, and skills to provide quality services to the government and private agencies locally and internationally

PEO 2 Radiographers who lead and engage in teams in problem solving tasks across disciplines through critical thinking and effective communication

PEO 3 Radiographers who utilize ICT to advance their knowledge and skills and to explore business opportunities in medical imaging industry locally and internationally

PEO 4 Radiographers who integrate ethical and professional values in providing services to the recipients and provider of the medical imaging–related industry locally and internationally.


Upon successful completion of the programmes, graduates of the Bachelor of Medical Imaging will be able to:-

PO 1 demonstrate fundamental knowledge in medical imaging

PO 2 perform medical imaging procedures safely and competently

PO3 demonstrate the ability to seek, adapt and provide solution to address challenges in medical imaging

PO 4 communicate effectively with patients, relatives and other healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care

PO 5 ability to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and perform as an effective team member

PO 6 practice within the ethical framework of the profession and comply with the legal and professional code of conduct in medical imaging

PO 7 conduct research under supervision utilizing ICT skills and embracing life-long learning

PO 8 demonstrate awareness and understanding of management, business practice and entrepreneurship

PO 9 demonstrates effective leadership skills.