The diploma in medical imaging program shall produce graduates who are:

PEO 1 Knowledgeable and practically competent in performing radiographic procedures. (knowledge, practical)

PEO 2 Effective in communication skills and demonstrate good leadership quality in carrying out responsibilities in an organisation or community. (interpersonal, communication, leadership, responsibility)

PEO 3 Capable to solve problems in radiographic procedures innovatively, creatively, and ethically through a sustainable approach and professionalism. (cognitive, ethics & professionalism)

PEO 4 Able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need for digital & numeracy skills for successful career advancement.  (personal, entrepreneurial, digital, numerical) 


At the end of the program, students will be able to:

PLO 1        Apply knowledge of sciences and radiographic fundamentals to the medical imaging field. (C3, MQF 1)

PLO 2        Describe general concepts, theory, and operational principles in the field of medical imaging. (C2, MQF 2)

PLO 3a      Perform radiographic procedures competently. (P3, MQF 3a)

PLO 3b     Demonstrate good interpersonal skills as a team player in a multidisciplinary healthcare organisation. (A2, MQF 3b)

PLO 3c      Practice effective communication skills as a member of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. (A2, MQF 3c)

PLO 3d      Demonstrate competent information management skills in the medical imaging-related fields. (C3, MQF 3d)

PLO 3e      Employ proficient numeracy skills in interpreting visual data. (C3, MQF 3e)

PLO 3f       Assist significantly in collaborative tasks with accountability and autonomy in managing issues at work (A2, MQF 3f)

PLO 4a      Exhibit active participation in career development and lifelong learning activities. (A2, MQF 4a)

PLO 4b      Display satisfactory entrepreneurial skills in community-related activities. (A2, MQF 4b)

PLO 5        Practice good values, attitudes, and professionalism and adhere to the ethical principles and professional code of conduct in medical imaging. (A2, MQF 5)