Pharmacy assistants are one of the members in health care team who should be able to provide immediate emergency care to any suffering victim before the arrival of qualified health care personnel. 

This module will provide you the skills and knowledge regarding the basic principles in emergency treatment, undertake precautionary measures at the place of incidence before the arrival of the paramedic or doctor, apply simple life saving emergency care in cases of bleeding, apply simple life saving emergency care in cases requiring CPR and lastly apply effective questioning skills in communication during the primary emergency care assessment of the injured or unresponsive person.

This module will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work at entry level in a retail/community pharmacy. Typical functions within the retail/community pharmacy industry at this level include serving and interacting with customers, merchandising products and controlling stock, understanding the product range and the roles and responsibilities of pharmacy assistants and pharmacists, communicating with customers to identify needs and provide appropriate product advice and/or referral.